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How to buy a CD


2. Make a 6.99 euros payment to rastoueixm@gmail.comDon't forget to mention the title of the CD you want to buy!3. Then, you'll receive an internet link (valid 7 days), so you can download on your computer : - The tracks of the CD you have chosen in wav format you can burn on a CD-R , - The HD PDF images of the leaflet (cover/lyrics, back and CD print) you can print and put in the box!!! (They'll fit, don't worry!).If you meet difficulties, let us know at :rastoueixm@gmail.comso we can help you.4. By doing so, you will gain access to free bonus tracks or collectors which will be made available to you.

1. Click here to get connected to the Paypal website. (You may have to open an account. It's safe and easy).

Why we chose one to one business:1. Because we think MP3 can't satisfy music lovers, due to its reduced sound quality. CD format is much better.2. We can't access massive distribution, not being mainstream, and anyway don't want to have our music sold like greenpeas in supermarkets...3. Because we wish to reduce the role of publishers, labels, distributors, intermediates, etc. We want to have a one to one relationship with those who like what we do.... Paypal is simple and limits intermediates.