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MIM and the music industry

Mobilis in Mobili : Regine Saint-Leger: Vox, Keyboards + Mike Rastoueix: Vox, Guitars and Keyboards After years spent in the mainstream of music, Pop, Dance and film soundtracks as Edith Rickhol or Dr.Freud, Regine and Mike decided the music industry held no longer any future for them since it would not change its practice in spite of decline.Indeed, the marketing, businesslike aspects had gradually become the only factors of decision and prevailed over any other consideration.RSL+MR decided to go subocean, concept they had adopted at the turn of the 80's: MOBILIS IN MOBILI ( By Jules Verne ).They chose to walk their way alone, and take complete control over their musical production, even if they had always enjoyed working with other people. They chose an internet independent distribution, even if MP3 can be considered as crap, chose to shoot their own videos, recorded and mixed their music in their own studio, Submersum, in Paris.Four albums were released, Maritime, Secrets, Mirage and Samsara. 17 videos are currently available.Older albums like Mission and Miroir will be released in 2019